Get back on track to doing the things you love.


The UK's No.1 Brand for Orthopaedic Supports

Welcome to Solace Bracing – the UK’s leading brand and online retailer of high-performance orthopaedic supports.

We’re passionate about designing and manufacturing the most comfortable, life enabling, sports and wellbeing supports in the market today. Here you will find everything you need from head to toe to help with relieving pain, rehabilitation or enhancing your game.

No medical condition or injury should ever hold you back from doing all the things you love and with the right support to get you there we will soon have you back on track.


[ sol-is ] verb
“Give comfort or consolation to; the cornerstone of what we do.”

The UK's Leading Brand

As a UK-based manufacturer and brand, we’ve got 12+ years experience working with local NHS trusts and expert clinicians to provide our customers with unrivalled medical-grade, high-performance orthopaedic supports.

12 years of trusted experience, care and passion


Designed, developed and manufactured in Britain

All products registered Class 1 Medical Devices

Approved and trusted supplier to the NHS

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