DARCO AllRound All-in-One Healing Shoe

Fitting Instructions

Explore the fitting instructions for your new favourite Darco AllRound All-in-One Healing Shoe below and get back on track to doing the things you love today.


» Undo all hook and loop closures

» Place the hand on top of the palm protector with the thumb through the thumb hole

» The palm protector is sewn at the base so this section should be nearest to the wrist (please take care not to fit this upside down)

» Secure hook & loop straps around the back of the hand

» Make sure the straps do not dig into the skin

» You may need help to fasten the strap depending on your ability or condition


» Open the palm protector and lay flat

» Hand wash only with a mild detergent and luke warm water

» Leave to air dry

» Do not machine wash or tumble dry

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