SOLACE BRACING Children’s Wrist Support

Fitting Instructions

Explore the fitting instructions for their new favourite Solace Bracing Children’s Wrist Support below and get them back on track to doing the things they love today.


» Undo all hook & loop straps

» Remove bar from the palmar bar pocket, place along the underside of wrist onto the palm, if there are spaces between the bar and arm / palm, bend to conform to the same shape

» Re-insert the bar into palmar bar pocket

» Place the hand into the brace ensuring the stockinette is above the hand, and the palmar bar is aligned to the palm of the hand

» Secure hook & loop fastening to provide a snug fit


» Open the wrist support and lay flat

» Remove the palmar bar from its pocket

» Hand wash only with a mild detergent and luke warm water

» Leave to air dry

» Do not machine wash or tumble dry

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