SOLACE BRACING Comfort Max Padded Sling – Black – Universal Design (2 Sizes)

SOLACE BRACING Comfort Max Padded Sling – Black – Universal Design (2 Sizes)


✅ British made & NHS supplied
✅ Medical-grade & ISO accredited
✅ High-performance

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✅ NHS SUPPLIED ARM SLING FOR COMMON INJURIES – Lightweight and durable, this industry-leading and NHS supplied arm sling provides maximum stabilisation throughout the day and night, making it the perfect support for common injuries to the arm, collarbone, wrist, hand, shoulder or elbow including, fractures, dislocation, strains, sprains, torn rotator cuff, ligament damage, sports injuries & more.

✅ AN ARM & SHOULDER SUPPORT THAT’S PERFECT FOR ONGOING CONDITIONS – Featuring an adjustable strap, the Comfort Max Padded Sling is also the ideal solution for ongoing conditions, including paralysis, CVA (stroke) and oedema. Designed to maintain the arm, collarbone, wrist, hand, shoulder and elbow in a neutral position, the UK’s leading adults sling allows for continued elevation and weight-relieving support, meaning you can get back on track to doing the things that you love. Start your journey to recovery today with this advanced arm and shoulder support by SOLACE BRACING.

✅ PADDED SHOULDER SLING FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT – Manufactured in our unique Velfoam material that provides gentle cushioning, the SOLACE BRACING Comfort Max Padded Sling provides ultimate protection, whether at home, outside or at work. As our shoulder slings can be hand-washed, why not always have a spare to wear and treat yourself today.

✅ MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN – Designed and made in Lancashire, England, we’re proud to say that each and every one of our Comfort Max Padded Slings are British made. As one of the last UK manufacturers specialising in orthopaedic soft good products that also supplies the NHS, SOLACE BRACING offers unrivalled quality, excellent choice and great value. Try the bestselling Comfort Max Padded Sling today and see for yourself.

✅ 2 STRIKING COLOURS AVAILABLE – An arm sling like no other, the Comfort Max Padded Sling is available in 2 stunning colours. With options perfect for all men, women and adolescents, take your pick from a variety of colours, including the neutral tone of black, as well as the more eye-catching shade of pink. With no other shoulder sling offering so much choice, our internationally recognised slings are available for either left or right-hands (universal design) and in 2 accommodating sizes – regular and large.

✅ THE IDEAL GIFT FOR LOVED ONES – The SOLACE BRACING Comfort Max Padded Sling makes the perfect gift for family and friends. If the recipient has had a recent injury or suffers with an ongoing medical condition, then our fantastic choice of shades and sizes make this a great present for him or her. Shop this thoughtful gift to show you care today and provide the recipient with a great surprise this coming birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

✅ PICK THE PERFECT SIZE – Measure from your elbow to the base of your fingers to choose the correct size from the following options // Regular 43cm // Large 48cm // A visual size guide is also available in the photo gallery (image 5) of this product.


Regular, Large

Measurement & Fitting


One size fits most.


Undo all contact closures.
Place elbow / arm into the sling ensuring the elbow fits snuggly to the rear of the sling, keeping the limb fully supported at all times.
Ensure the arm is held at a 45 degree angle and pass the strap around the neck and over the shoulder.
Fasten the buckle and adjust the strap so that the arm remains comfortable at 45 degree angle.
Adjust the foam padding on the strap so that the brace is comfortable in the neck area.

Care Guide

To keep your support in tip top condition please keep to the following care instructions:

If your product contains removable parts such as a palm bar, please remove before washing.
Hand wash only with a mild detergent and leave to air dry.
Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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