SOLACE BRACING Super Soft Sheepskin Palm Protector – Left / Right Hand (Single / Pair)

SOLACE BRACING Super Soft Sheepskin Palm Protector – Left / Right Hand (Single / Pair)


✅ British made & NHS supplied
✅ Medical-grade & ISO accredited
✅ High-performance

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Solace Bracing Super Soft Sheepskin Palm Protector

Palm protectors can be very useful for people who have hand and grip issues, usually caused as a result of neurological processes such as stroke or multiple sclerosis.

They stop the fingernails from digging into the skin on the palm and causing pain.

They are constructed from a soft material that absorbs sweat from the palm and keeps the area dry preventing skin breakdown and improving hand hygiene.

The Solace Super Soft Palm Protector is manufactured from a thick high-quality fleece which will stand the test of time, durable and incredibly soft to the touch.

Available for both the left and right hand in one size that will fit most, with a hook and loop fastening that can be trimmed to fit


Left & Right Hand (Pair), Left, Right


Regular, Extra Small

Measurement & Fitting

With a fabric tape measure the circumference of the palm and refer to the sizing chart

Place the hand on top of the palm protector with the thumb through the thumb hole.
(NOTE The palm protector is sewn at the base so this section should be nearest to the wrist.
Please take care not to fit this upside down).
Secure the white hook and loop straps around the back of the hand.
Make sure the palm protector and the straps do not dig into the skin

Care Guide

To keep your support in tip top condition please keep to the following care instructions:
If your product contains removable parts such as a palm bar, please remove before washing.
Hand wash only with a mild detergent and leave to air dry.
Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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