Solace Bracing Therapeutic Max Wrist & Thumb Support – Beige – Left / Right Hand (4 Sizes)

Solace Bracing Therapeutic Max Wrist & Thumb Support – Beige – Left / Right Hand (4 Sizes)


✅ British made & NHS approved
✅ Medical-grade & ISO accredited
✅ High-performance

This wrist and thumb support is ideal for conditions such as Fractures, Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Osteoarthritis, Thumb Pain, and Injuries including De Quevrains, Wrist Sprains and Strains.

Constructed in a therapeutic neoprene, providing compression and comfortable support to stimulate circulation and promote healing.

Containing 2 splints, one removable palmar bar and a thumb extension bar to keep your thumb in the correct position for optimum pain relief and healing.

Giving addition support to the first CMC and MCP joints.

With strong hook and loop straps allowing for controlled compression and a contoured fit.

The thumb extension bar holds the thumb firmly in an abduction position helping to relieve the symptoms and allowing the joint to rest and recover.

Helping you to get on with doing all the things you love.


Left, Right


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Measurement & Fitting


Using a fabric tape, measure around the circumference of your wrist in centimetres and refer to the sizing guide to obtain the correct size.


Undo all the contact closures.
Offer the brace to the hand.
Fasten the wrist section.
Finally wrap the thumb loop around the thumb and fasten.

Care Guide

To keep your support in tip top condition please keep to the following care instructions:

If your product contains removable parts such as a palm bar, please remove before washing.
Hand wash only with a mild detergent and leave to air dry.
Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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