Sporlastic Neurodyn Classic Foot Drop Support

Sporlastic Neurodyn Classic Foot Drop Support


+ Dynamic alternative to the rigid splints
+ Aids in lifting the foot when walking
+ Comfort instead of pressure

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Neurodyn Foot Drop Splint

The Neurodyn Foot Drop Splint  is a German engineered design for foot drop and all degrees of flaccid foot lifting issues.

The engineering of this brace uses dynamics instead of the rigid splints thus providing comfort instead of pressure.

Designed for light to medium foot paralysis to promote the recovery of lost functions, this brace offers a dynamic alternative to the rigid splints that are prescribed today.

A knitted orthosis that has been designed in conjunction with Physiotherapists, offering dynamic compression and aiding in lifting the foot when walking.

Feedback from patients who have tried this brace noted a positive difference immediately.


Beige, Black


Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5


Left, Right

Measurement & Fitting

Using a fabric tape measure around the circumference of your leg just above the ankle in centimetres and refer to the sizing guide to obtain the correct size.

Open all contact closures
Pull the brace over the foot
Fasten the top three hook and loop straps and make sure they are comfortable
Then push the thigh or knee forwards keeping the foot firmly on the floor
Pull strap 1 vertically upwards and then firmly in a slanting manner over the back of the foot above the ankle and around the lower leg and secure to the faster on the back.
Pull strap 2 in the opposite direction to strap 1, over the back of the foot and above the ankle and firmly pulled over strap 1 and secured with the fastener
Finally fasten strap 3 with an upwards pull around the outer side of the ankle. Lift the outer edge of the foot slightly with the strap and secure.



Care Guide

To keep your support in tip top condition please keep to the following care instructions:
If your product contains removable parts such as a palm bar, please remove before washing.
Hand wash only with a mild detergent and leave to air dry.
Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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