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Welcome to Solace Bracing – the UK’s leading brand and online retailer of high-performance wrist braces.

Whether you are looking to treat a common medical condition, keen to take your gym game to the next level, or simply anything in-between, we have the widest range of high-quality, medical-grade wrist braces available in the UK.

All of our Solace Bracing wrist braces are made in Great Britain, ensuring unrivalled quality, innovative designs and excellent value. We’ve also explored all four corners of the globe to provide you with the most advanced wrist braces in the world – Solace Bracing is the only website within the United Kingdom where you can find both, the German-engineered Sporlastic® wrist brace range, as well as the UK-exclusive BioSkin™ branded range from the US.

Shop our 2022 collection of world-leading wrist braces below and find the perfect match for you, your condition or the activity you require it for now.

Solace Bracing – Home of the Biggest Wrist Brace Brands

Shop our 2022 wrist brace collection. Medical-grade, ISO accredited wrist braces from the biggest brands across the world. From our very own UK-leading, British manufactured Solace Bracing range, through to world-renowned brands including Sporlastic® and BioSkin™, we have a wrist brace perfect for every need, condition or activity.

Our Brand – British-Made Wrist Braces Designed with the Customer in Mind

Solace Bracing is a part of Beagle Orthopaedic, the UK’s biggest manufacturer of NHS approved wrist supports. When you see a wrist brace with our logo sown in, you know you are receiving the highest quality wrist brace. We ensure the highest manufacturing standards are set, that guarantees a superior product is produced. Each and every one of our wrist braces is versatile, durable and designed with the customer in mind. Shop the Solace Bracing wrist brace range today and see why we are regarded as one of the highest rated wrist brace brands in the world.

Sporlastic® and BioSkin™ Wrist Braces

As well as our own UK-leading Solace Bracing product range, we stock a huge selection of Sporlastic® and BioSkin™ wrist braces. A key retailer for German-manufactured Sporlastic®, we also have the exclusive rights to sell the US-based BioSkin™ brand in the UK. Each offers something different to our Solace Bracing range, but all provide advanced innovation in design and build – guaranteed.

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